This is my most favourite mind-map that I have ever created. I think it’s very successful because it looks interesting and it fits my style. I enjoyed creating it and I can see that my typography has improved. I hope I can create even stronger work than this, in the future. The background that I chose for my mind-map is the picture of the plastic bag that I took for my climate change project. However, it’s the edited version of it.

The problem that I faced with this mind-map was that I accidentally wrote the word ‘target customer’ 2 times. So I had to scan the mind-map in the printer and send it to my email. After that I put it in the Photoshop and edited that part with the ‘spot healing brush’ tool. Moreover, I printed out the image after editing it and continued adding more words to the mind-map.

Before editing


Overall, I have made 3 mood-board but I have 2 different versions for the last mood-board. Since my brand is all about customising and making the clothes very personal for the customers I thought people’s identity has an important rule in this project. Since the things that we like/prefer is very personal to us and make us who we are. Like the colours, phrases, materials, images and etc. that we choose is very unique. That’s why I wanted to add aspects of identity to my mood-boards.

The reason why added the flowers to my first mood-board is because that the brand is sustainable and eco friendly and the reason why there is a picture of a street is in a way kind of represent the aesthetic of my brand. Finally, the other last 2 images are representing identity.

For the second mood-board I found really strong images that relates to my identity concept and put them all together. What is more, to make artwork even more interesting I added tape around the pictures and the reason why I picked a blue colour is because I am thinking of choosing the colour blue as my brand’s aesthetic.

I think my favourite mood-board is the third one. I really put a lot of effort to make it interesting and represent my brand’s identity with a strong image. My last mood-board mainly illustrates people’s identity and I also added blue colour to the background as an aesthetic of my brand. Furthermore, I added text to the image because I thought it is going to make it look even stronger. I like the both versions, however I feel like I prefer the second version more since everything blends well together.


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